On Friday 22nd September 2017, we had a member presentation from Helen Ford of Qualitas (NW) Ltd., to present an introduction to ISO9001.  Below is a synopsis of her presentation:-


ISO9001:2015 Uncovered Episode 1

Qualitas NW - Helping businesses achieve quality standardsISO9001:2015 is part of the ISO9000 family of standards and is based on seven quality management principles.

Quality can be interpreted in different ways and means different things to different people!

The Quality Management Principles are a set of values which can be a basis for quality management and performance improvement.

  1. Customer Focus: Meeting customer requirements and striving to surpass expectations.
  2. Leadership: Leaders establishing conditions to enable the organization to achieve its quality objectives.
  3. Engagement of people: Competent, empowered people improve an organisations ability to deliver and create value.
  4. Process Approach: Consistent, predictable results are achieved when activities are managed as interrelated process within an organised system.
  5. Improvement: Emphasis on improvement is crucial to sustain organisational performance, react to changes and create new opportunities.
  6. Evidence-based Decision Making: Facts, evidence and data analysis lead to improved decision-making.
  7. Relationship Management: Managed relationships with interested parties optimise their impact on performance.

Qualitas NW - ensuring compliance and helping businessesAnnex SL is a document format with common structure, terms and definitions applying to all management systems standards. Beneficial to organisations with multiple standards.

Contact Helen at, helen@qualitas-nw.co.uk if you need support:

  • Transitioning to the 2015 standard,
  • Starting the implementation process
  • Carrying out internal audits


For more information visit www.qualitas-nw.co.uk

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