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Mobile-e-Solutions Limited is a Lancashire based Information Technology company that provides Proof of Attendance and Lone Worker Protection solutions to industry.

Our solutions are aimed at any business that has a mobile workforce which goes out to see customers at their premises on a regular basis. These businesses could include Security Guards, Homecare Providers, Field Service Engineers, Contract Cleaners. In fact any business that needs to monitor where and when it’s mobile workforce are.

Mobile-e-Solutions for proof of attendanceWith over 30 years of experience of the IT industry we can bring you the right solution for your business. From the initial investigation into your exact requirements and needs through developing the solution to meet those needs and implementing and training you on how to get the most from your investment, we are with you every step of the way.

In today’s competitive and often litigious workplace, businesses are facing an increased demand to be able to provide guaranteed proof of attendance data on site visits that their staff have made. This may include proof of times that the workers arrived and left, together with details of work carried out. Increasingly this type of information is being demanded in real time and not at the end of the day, week or month – a true Workforce Management solution. This is what we deliver to our clients.

By placing suitable RFID tags at relevant locations within your business or your clients business, Mobile-e-Solutions can develop tailored data capture menu’s for your operatives mobile phones. When the worker then touches the RFID tag with his mobile phone, he will be instantly presented with a menu that is unique to the tag and to himself. Because each RFID tag is unique and we know where it is, we can therefore prove when any worker visited each tag and what he did whilst there!

If you need to have visibility on where your mobile workforce has been and are accountable to your clients and/or your own senior management then contact Mobile-e-Solutions to have an informal and ‘no obligations’ discussion about your needs.

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