Becoming a thought leader

Presentation by Tigerfish PR– Amanda Jackson

Have you ever thought “not enough people know about my business” or do you ever mutter at press coverage, because you know WAY more about the subject… but you’re never asked for your views?

This week, Amanda Jackson of Tigerfish PR talked us through being seen as an expert in our sector, so people can find out about our businesses.  She was keen to point out that what stops us sometimes from courting publicity is the fact that it takes quite a bit of courage to speak up and stand out.

Given that this was our first meeting of 2014, Amanda also suggested some new years’ resolutions for us. She urged us to “seize the moment” and “be braver” when promoting our businesses.

Here are some tips from her on how to turn the publicity spotlight on yourself and become known to a wider audience as an expert:

  • Make sure you network on-line as well as off-line
  • Let people know you have something to say… and would like to contribute
  • Blog, answer questions on LinkedIn , keep engaged ie. build a track record

Tigerfish PR specialises in PR for logistics and manufacturing companies.

You can contact Amanda Jackson at

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