Ahead in the Cloud with SharePoint Connections

This week’s presentation: Microsoft Business Solutions – http://www.interezia.co.uk  Allan Bury

An exciting new product from Interezia……

The aim of the presentation was

1) to introduce a new concept, Sharepoint Connections, available in January through Interezia as sole agent for the UK and

2) to identify the types of business that would see immediate benefit from it.

SharePoint is an industry-standard platform for managing information. Although extremely versatile, many business owners find it difficult to visualise the benefit of such a bespoke application, and need to see it in action. Design and implementation requires considerable work by a qualified consultant as it has to be tailor made. The budget for this and the training required to start using it efficiently can sometimes be a barrier to purchasing.

SharePoint Connections, on the other hand, comes pre-configured with the core elements of business systems, so it is no longer a ‘blank sheet’. This makes it quicker, easier and less costly to get started and reap the benefits of collaboration and efficient communications.

This solution is particularly of interest to companies providing professional services, who need to organise and manage the information relating to their clients, projects, and resources. For example: IFA’s, Architects, Logistics Companies, Manufacturers, Advertising/Digital Marketing Agencies etc. with 5 or more users.

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