21st Century Accounting

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Technology is changing the way we all work.

The development of online bookkeeping systems and scanning technology means that the accounting industry is changing.

Gone are the days when clients throw all of their paperwork into a box or carrier bag for their accountant to sort out and hope that they have enough money to pay the accountant’s bill and their tax.

Accountants are now able to get their clients set up on online bookkeeping systems which saves them and their client’s time and gives both parties more visibility on how well the business is performing.

Clients can log onto their numbers from anywhere, they can even raise invoices and see who has paid them on their mobile phones.

So the accountant’s role will start to be a more ‘consultative’ role, rather than that of a ‘bean counter’, with better and more up to date information to analyse and advise their clients on.

Accountants can do a lot more than add up your numbers and let you know how much tax you have to pay, why don’t you ask to see what yours can do for you?

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